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Remembrances is for followers of Avatar Meher Baba to post tributes to and short obituaries of departed Baba-lovers, photos, and reminiscences. Baba-lovers are also welcome to send us write-ups of their own family members or animal companions who have died. In addition, we will post as many write-ups as we can about Western and Eastern mandali and close disciples who have died. You can send your information to Kendra at mehery(at)gmail.com, and Cheryl Johnson and Kendra Crossen (“The Mischievous Peeps”) will put it on the site for you. It doesn’t matter how long ago the person died—post a remembrance on the death anniversary. Eventually we will add more material regarding Meher Baba’s teachings on death and anecdotes on the topic.

We launched the site at the time of celebrating Meher Baba’s 42nd Amartithi, the anniversary of the “Eternal Date” when the Avatar of the Age left his physical form (January 31, 1969), which he called a “coat” that he wears when he visits humanity during his Avataric advents.

Although Meher Baba has dropped his physical form, he continues to be a living spiritual master for his followers, or “lovers” (his term), throughout the world. Remembrance is one of the main practices that Meher Baba gave for Baba-lovers; it can mean to recall the Master and his life as a way of forgetting the limited self and making Baba our constant companion, or it can mean remembrance in the traditional sense of the Sufi zikr or the Hindu japa, repetition of the name of God—in our case, the name of Meher Baba, the God-Man. Thus, “Remembrances” seemed a good choice for our heading, as we offer remembrance in Baba’s Love of dear ones who have gone to Baba. We will also have a chance to post articles here about Meher Baba’s teachings about death and bereavement. In general, Baba discouraged excessive bereavement because he taught that death is just a change of bodies as we journey through the reincarnation process. The only real death is the “one real death” that occurs when we attain God-realization, or union with the One Reality. Sometimes he told the mandali to join a game of cards or go to the movies following a death instead of following rites and rituals of their religion. Bereaved relatives were comforted by assuring them that their loved one had “come to Baba.” Baba certainly did not mean for us to repress in an unhealthy way the natural sadness felt at losing a loved one. Thus, sharing with each other the remembrance of lives lived in the orbit of Baba’s love seems a healthy way to express our wish to acknowledge those with whom we have been linked in this lifetime.

For a complete account of Meher Baba’s passing, see the booklet Meher Baba’s Last Sahavas by H. P. Bharucha; excerpts are at in Eric Solibakke’s Anthology.

For a brief biography of Meher Baba, see “Who Is Meher Baba?


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Amartithi (“Eternal Date”) is the anniversary of the day when Avatar Meher Baba dropped his physical form, on 31 January 1969, at 12:15 p.m. At Meherabad in India—the site of Avatar Meher Baba’s Tomb, or Samadhi— Amartithi is commemorated in a major gathering attended by more than 10,000 visitors from 30 January to 1 February of each year. During this 48-hour period a program of song, dance, and film continues all day and through much of the night on the stage near the Tomb. The climax of the event takes place on Amartithi day itself when, in remembrance of the physical passing of the Avatar of the Age, the assembled crowd keeps silence for 15 minutes, from 12 noon to 12:15 p.m.

See the Amartithi schedule and information about the live video feed from India at the AMBPPC Trust website.

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