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Bob Brown


A Tribute to Bob Brown

by Marc Flayton

Hi my name is Marc Flayton. One day I was searching the Meher Baba Remembrances site to read about who died recently. I read about such wonderful spirits and felt lucky someone cared for them enough to want to tell the Baba world about them. Then I felt horrible: what about the guy who took care of the Center, built all those driftwood benches, built all the frames in every cabin, rebuilt the bridge and was caring for the Center since the late ’60s or early ’70s? What about Bob Brown? He was my friend and everyone’s, a close friend. Well, I e-mailed his widow, Jane Brown, he had died in 1993, and I said, We got to do something for Bob’s memory. She e-mailed me the same day:


I remember his warmth and his exceptional compassion.

He always went to the person who was being ignored or felt left out

He was an expert an the javalin as a teen…..

Taught himself guitar . . . loved John Sebastian.

Very much behind empowering women and was deeply disturbed by any level of abuse shown to a woman.

Wanted Baba more than anything.

Great to talk to about anything.

Loved St. Francis . . . aspired to be him.

Was very hard on himself if he had the slightest “bad” thought.

Was a foodie but felt too guilty to enjoy.

Very close to Baba’s Mehera. Bill Files said that he was the first man Mehera spoke to after she heard him sing “Here Comes Pure Love” on the porch. She told another friend that Bob REALLY loves Baba.

He loved nature shows.

Walked in his sleep.

Got bothered by spirits a lot.

Very blue blood.

Very tough childhood.

Wanted to be a rock star.

Very, very gentle.

Loved England.

Loved old women.

He had a rose garden and he would pick a rose and put it on each Center guest’s bedside table before they arrived. . . .

That’s all I can think of right now, sweetie. I am trying to find Father of My Song to copy for you . . . if I find a cassette I will send it.

Love you,

Jai Baba,



I then asked Jane for the names of some of Bob’s most famous songs. I knew all his albums. Right now there is one CD with some of his songs. She sent me this e-mail. How I wish he were sitting here now with his slow, nasal voice singing to Baba:


Here are eleven:


Victory unto Thee

Meher Baba’s Love

I’ll Wait

Father of My Song

St. Francis

Love’s Grace

If I Follow You

Baba, Baba Wake Up

I’m Yours

You Are Born to Every Man

You’re Here At Last


On my trips to Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, SC, I would always look for Bob in the workers’ shed down the road from the Refectory. If Bob and Jane weren’t cleaning cabins, Bob was at the shed creating something for the Center’s beauty. If you look around the Center and see beautiful driftwood benches to sit in a beautiful garden setting—Bob built those. Before Bob became a picture framer ,there were great pictures of Baba around, but Bob framed with glass and great wood frames many of the pictures in cabins and many more you see at the Center. Bob had many projects, all going at the same time. He never rested when it came to Baba.

One thought I want to share: Bob was so beloved by guests, workers, and everyone he met. When he was dying from brain cancer, in the last month, people found time to come and greet him for the last time. It was heart rendering, the love everyone had for Bob. I sat by his side noting the great souls waiting for Bob to cross over. Past the end of his bed stood such great beings that I myself was overwhelmed when I looked that way. There was an array of splashes of beautiful colors and the feeling of such great royalty.

When I die I want people to say nice things, about how I acted (no), about how I treated others (I don’t think so). If they can say anything, it would be that I loved Meher Baba. Bob Brown loved Baba the way I always felt, “Jeez, I would love to love God like him.” He loved God in the people, things, trees, animals. I hope someday to be able to love as he did.

Jai Baba


For more photos, see Meher Baba Travels.







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5 Responses to Bob Brown

  • This is a great site! Great idea. Hands down my favorite singer songwriter of all time, Bob Brown, I always thought of him as a rock star(but the world didn’t get him, we did!), but just that I got to see him live all the time, and felt very lucky every time I did. Growing up in the U.P. of Mi, my brothers always had Baba albums in the 70’s, and Bob was one of these stars, I didn’t know the difference, I was 8 or 9 years old, and i thought these Baba singers were the best, Stars! Then, at like 11, I went to the center(1978?), and saw Bob Brown there, and my brother Peter introduced me, and I couldn’t even function, cause I liked his artistry so much. Haaaaa, great times!

  • Bob was a kind of other worldly presence at the Center: yet he was so natural and playful, with that wonderful and mischievous, but kind, sense of humor. He seemed “lighter” than other people, even in a land where everyone seemed far lighter than the norm. He had a strange, thin face, and would sing through his nose with a great buzzing … and we would be transported. His musical partnership with Jane was of course a match made literally in heaven; and they sang as one curious and wonderful being, all buzzing and beautiful.

    I was fortunate one time to see Bob perform his marionette act, for which he used a tiny wooden spring-jointed figure figure about three inches high. With Bob at his back, beat-boxing the rhythm track, that little man danced in a way no such being can dance. The entire population of the Meeting Hall was transfixed.

    Along with Jim Meyer and some of the Chicago crew of the time (David Miotke, Rob Tomaro, and friends), Bob supplied the sound track for the “coming to Baba” movies of so many of my Baba generation. And what a sound track it was! But the person was even better than his music. Why wouldn’t you love him?

  • Bob had a sense of humor which was divine. He made jokes out of happenings pressing the fact of simple human foibles in a beautiful light. His humor was like a down home humor. Sometimes he had to explain the meaning of his humor always with a chuckle-like thats it, it was almost ironic- he loved that word. he would get a laugh out of the simplest act of nature, it was unique.

  • what to say about those souls who had BABA’S GRACE and spent their lives in serving others ….THE ONLY WAY TO LOVE GOD.
    my sincere thanks that you (all of you) took the time to share with those of us who didn’t know him/them.
    BABA TRULY BLESSES YOU ALL, we cannot really understand what HE has done in our hearts, but WE CAN be thankful by serving others…
    d w martin, t.e.

    • What a joyful morning listening to Jane and Bob pouring out their hearts to the Beloved Baba. Thank you Marc for the loving remembrance of a dedicated soul to Meher Baba accenting the Love and service to all and a special thank you Jane for the intimate sharing and ‘joyful music”

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