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Charles Gibson

Charles Gibson
23 April 1950 – 11 November 2011


Charles in 2009. Dina loves this photo, which she says "shows his beautiful, gentle, loving side."

Dina wrote:

My beloved husband passed on to Baba at 3.19 this afternoon [Pacific Time].

Alas, I wasn’t at his bedside at that moment, but I had spent all morning with him, and we recited the Master’s Prayer together – although he wasn’t able to get much out, but he was alert and heard me. Of course I said the prayers again when I arrived just 30 minutes after his spirit had started to leave his body.

I just can’t believe he has gone! We were coming up to our seventh wedding anniversary. Those of you who have seen the DVD of our wedding at Meherabode will know that to open the ceremony, Charles sung the Master’s Prayer (to his melody) and also the Australian Arti as well as the Blacksmith’s Song (the last two by Francis Brabazon, the man who brought my mother and me to Baba in 1952).

I will find some knowledgeable person who can put these songs up on YouTube, so you can all get to enjoy them. Watch the Love Street Breezes Facebook page for the url.

I am spending the night with my son and daughter and grandchildren. Couldn’t bear to be on my own tonight.

The cremation will be next Friday [18 November] and we are looking into having an informal remembrance ceremony at the Self-Realization Fellowship center in L.A. — perhaps next Monday — in their beautiful gardens. …

His brother (who is here now, thank God!) and his sister will be driving down from northern California for the get-together.

Please don’t call me; I find it too hard to speak, but your thoughts and prayers and emails [dinagibson(at)mac.com) are very welcome.

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai! Charles is on his way!

In His love



PS, 11/14: The Celebration of Charles’s life takes place tomorrow, 11/15. The family are all there. –Kendra










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7 Responses to Charles Gibson

  • I didn’t know Charles but since I first heard him sing the Australiaqn arti on you tube at his wedding I felt whoever knew this man was lucky- a very loving and sturdy looking soul, I salute you Charles.

  • I met Charles at the LA Sahavas Bookstore the year he had moved to LA. The joy and happiness between he and Dina was very evident. It was nice to be in the same room with them and feel it. His CD, “Rough Around the Edges” is a CD that presents the thoughts of a person that has obviously done a lot of self-examination with an ability to present his journey in a way the listener gets to experience, too. I have loved playing it and singing along while I paint. Talking to him at the first Sahavas in Santa Barbara, I asked if he had read “The Course in Miracles”. He said that he had done the 360 exercises every day for four years! No wonder!

  • Dear Dina,
    Our hearts go out to you and Charles. It is His Doing. All came into existence out of Love and for Love. Charles was a lover and he was greatly loved by so many people who recieved his heart-felt embraces and kind words and caring deeds. May Baba give you peace and undertanding in your grief. We all share it with you and are grateful for his life.
    In Baba,

  • I have three friends who died recently and I realize I don’t remember their words so much as their deeds. One deed or thing that Charles taught me is to keep your hand on the main sheet. The main sheet is a rope or line that controls the main sail and the boom on a sailboat. I had been taught to sail and had been sailing for a year or two before I went sailing with Charles. Most sailors are casual about the main sheet they keep it close by but when everything is going smoothly they get casual, why keep it in hand. Charles sailed with the main sheet firmly in hand he never put it down, he was always observant and alert, ready in a instant to pull in or let go the main sheet. On boats as in life when things go wrong they happen in a flash and you need your hand on the main sheet. To make it plain keeping your hand on the main sheet is a metaphor for life and we all know who and what the Main Sheet is. May all of keep our hand on The Main Sheet.

  • A remarkable, talented man I never had the pleasure to meet. but who I “knew” through his gifts (to us all) of music and praise to the One without a second. Happy trails Charles, and Jai Baba!

  • It is lovely to hear Charles singing Baba songs with all his musical artistry and tenderness. I especially liked his version of the Australian Arti. I also loved seeing the video of his wedding to Dina. They looked so beautiful!

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