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L. B. Thade


Tribute to Shri L. B. Thade

by Prashant Pratap Ahir


Shri L. B. Thade, a longtime Baba lover and a highly committed Baba worker, has gone to Baba.

He was being treated at the Noble Hospital at Ahmednagar when he breathed last in the morning of September 29, 2013, at about 11:30 AM, due to complications arising out of old age. He was 92.

L. B. Thade first heard about Meher Baba from his senior Sh. Ramchandra Gadekar in December 1947. He hailed from Belgaum, now in Karnataka State of India, and had come to Pune for his job. He had his first darshan of the Beloved Meher Baba in June 1948 at Meherabad. That moment transformed his life forever. Baba had told him: BE good to others and I will help you.

Thereafter, he committed himself, ably supported by his entire family, to Baba’s work. Baba had instructed him: Let people call me God or fraud, tell them I am the Avatar of the age. Emboldened by this direct instruction from Meher Baba Himself, he never had slightest of hesitation in talking even to an absolute stranger or a casual acquaintance about Baba’s Divinity and Avatarhood.

He was the founder-member of the famous Poona Bhajan Mandali. Later, during his government service, as his job took him to the tribal and mofussil [provincial or rural] areas of Maharashtra, he had the opportunity of spreading Baba’s name wide and far.

He served as the trustee on the Meherabad School and was deeply associated with the Ahmednagar Centre till his last moments as much as his health allowed. For long time, he remained the President of the Centre. He had also travelled to various Baba places in India and even overseas to US/ Canada talking about Baba. He has written a book on his love experiences with Baba titled Showers of Grace by Beloved Baba.

He had met Baba on several occasions at Nagar and Pune. He had also met Baba when Baba had visited Surat where LB Thade was posted. He was instrumental in starting Baba activity there. Such was his love that wherever he went, he carried the fragrance of Baba’s love.

Perhaps, he is more popularly known for the compering role he performed during the Amartithi function. Till the 2012 Amartithi, he was seen in action on the stage.

The strength of his love is evident through the fact that four generations of his family continue to be in Baba’s orbit and are deeply connected with Baba activities.

Let principle in work and honesty in life prevail.

Avatar Meher Baba.

Funeral was at 6:00 p.m. at the Samadhi and Mandali Hall and then a late cremation.


[On June 1, 1948] Narayan [Bundellu] asked Baba, “When are You going to manifest?”

Baba smiled in amusement and said, “After hundred years. Don’t worry about My manifestation. Just love Me.”

—Source: Showers of Grace of Avatar Meher Baba on Poona Bhajan Mandali Thade Family and Ahir Family, by Laxmikant Thade




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