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Lois Seeley

Lois Seeley

26 October 1928 – 11 June 2010


Lois was a beloved member of the Myrtle Beach Baba family. She passed away on June 11, 2010, survived by her loving husband of 53 years, Gerry Seeley. Their son, John, passed in 2005.

Lois was born in South Danbury, New Hampshire, on October 26, 1928. Lois and Gerry were married on 21 January 1957, and thereafter they lived in Miami, Florida.

BABA came to Lois on “Thanksgiving Day, Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Three,” and she and Gerry made the one pilgrimage for AVATAR MEHER BABA’S GREAT DARSHAN in India in 1969, traveling with the Myrtle Beach flight. The accompanying photograph was taken at the wish of Mehera on the first day of the Darshan.

Gerry recalls that “after Eruch and Francis welcomed us all, Lois was impressed to ‘get up and say something.’ We asked permission, and Lois said words to the effect that ‘We of the Miami Group, after following BABA’s orders, had dared dream the impossible dream and now, after honoring “The Invitation of the King,” we find ourselves at the Feet of Our Master AVATAR MEHER BABA!’

Later, after the ladies queued before Mehera, Mehera took Lois’s arm, and the women Mandali immediately arranged the photo shoot. Also in the photo:  Meheru, Mani, Naja, Goher, Khorshed, along with Leatrice, Dede, and Wendy.

A collection of Lois’s poems was published in 1993 under the title Rose of Consciousness. One of the beautiful poems in it recalls that special occasion:


By lnvitation of the  King

Nineteen Sixty-Nine Darshan


I the unbeautiful have walked

within the Garden of Love’s Beauty

I the vessel of emptiness have been invited

to the King’s Table

I the giftless have been given

a Present of Eternal Love

I the deaf and numb have been allowed

to hear murmurs of Infinite Wisdom

I the blind and foolish have been entrusted

with Treasures of His Kingdom

I the sleeping beggar have been Awakened

by the King’s Melody

I the unclean have been rinsed

in Love’s Ocean and fed a Feast of Purity

I the poverty stricken have been given

the Dazzling Gem of God’s Grace

I the ungiving have received, without asking,

Bounty from His Treasury of Love

I the prisoner have been offered

the Keys to the Palace of Freedom

I the heartless have been included

in the Infinite Heart of the Divine

I the worldly have visited the

Timeless and Spaceless Chamber of the Unlimited

I the doer of no thing have been rewarded —

Ransomed by an Over-Generous Beloved

I the thinker of wars have been honored

with an Invitation from the Prince of Peace

I the graceless have been given

the Pleasure of His Graciousness

I the naked have been clothed

in God’s Tapestry for His Glory

I birthed in falseness have been reclaimed

to perform in His Divine Play of Truth

I the embittered have been given

a Taste of Sweetness from Reality’s Cup

I the unloving have been loved into loving

because the Source of Love, Loves Me

I the disobedient have been given a choice

by the Eternal Master of Perfect Servitude

I the unsurrendering have been given

an Invitation by the King


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