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Robert Dreyfuss

Robert Dreyfuss (January 10, 1943 – October 31, 2011)

I bow to the Beloved within, invoking His mercy”—Robert Dreyfuss


Dear Baba Family,

Robert Dreyfuss went to his Beloved Baba this morning [10/31/11] at 12:53AM, at home [in Asheville, NC]. Two Bright Star staff were with him at the time he passed. Bobby Bougia and I went soon after and said the prayers, made phone calls and spent some quiet moments with him before the funeral people removed his body. There are no plans yet as to gatherings, but these will be announced after communicating with family members.A couple of hours after he left his body a definite smile and a peacefulness appeared on his face.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Winnie Barrett


Read the story of Robert’s meeting with Baba in Lord Meher, vol. 19, pp. 6398-6404. Robert’s own memoir—as well as a volume of his poetry—will be published posthumously.

See videos of Robert Dreyfuss’s talks at Mandali Hall Talks.

There is a video of Robert speaking on Baba’s warnings about drugs, in interview with the late Mary Lloyd Dugan, online.

This poem, written by Robert Dreyfuss, was posted on Facebook on 10/31/11:


Friend, by the time
you are reading this
I will have departed,
everything opening
everything gone.

Of the world
and my attachment to it,
all I find is emptiness,
the body’s curving sway’s
tumbled away.

This form can no longer be
sustained. I am being swallowed by shadows
through a darkening glass,
the dance forever muted.

The hungry moth eats
itself. It is time to give
whispers to silence.


Photo above by Alisa Genovese




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4 Responses to Robert Dreyfuss

  • My best friend had gone to Robert for many years before she talked me into going. I am scared of needles…Robert was so sweet and calm and of course the first couple needles were in my head – the calm down spots. I saw him for several years. We went through many different health problems together…I ended up sending my friend to him also. Robert was good at what he did! My friend said could you have sent me to anyone more expensive? I said you didn’t say you wanted someone cheap – you said you wanted the best! My best friend and I called him Bobby. It was a term of sincere endearment and I return he allowed it – strict rules not to introduce him as anything but Robert. I regret not keeping up with him. Robert was a great friend, his hugs will be missed – he made you feel that you would get through it! For my best friend sister ann ( who died also) and me, sister sue,
    we loved you; and this world was a better place for knowing you.

  • Sorry to see you go, but glad you’re no longer burdened – as I HOPE you’re no longer burdened ! – by the “friends” that paved the way for your ‘graduation’.

    I didn’t meet Robert often. The first time was on a Sunday evening in September, 1968. when he and Rick Chapman gave a talk about Meher Baba at my local Church of Religious Science, in La Crescenta, California, at the invitation of our Youth Group. After speaking they showed 16mm film from the 1954 “Three Incredible Weeks” Sahavas with Baba.

    What struck me about Robert – and he was only twenty-five or so at the time – was how quiet and self-possessed he was, how strong his opinions and preferences were (it was to be “Robert”, not “Bob”…!) – and also his open-mindedness. He wasn’t rigid about reading only Baba literature, for example, and openly talked about his love for Samuel Beckett’s three novels MOLLOY, MALONE DIES, and THE UNNAMEABLE…

    I guess it struck me then that, young though I was, Robert was even at that time, prepping for his release, whenever it should arrive.

    When I *did* meet Robert again, nearly forty years later, I was struck by how little he seemed to have changed – a little more mellow, no doubt! – but his essential personality and strength of character shone as clearly as ever – and his humor too!

    I feel that Robert embodied a powerfully focused intention to BE Meher Baba’s, come what may, to hang on and show up no matter what, to the best of his ability, for as long as necessary.

    I felt – and feel, upon reflection – that this tenacity was the gift he shared with me, even though our paths crossed very seldom this time around.


    Love and the Best in Baba to you, Robert !

  • Robert was my acupuncturist for many years. I always enjoyed chatting about Baba with him on every visit, catching up on how the Mandali were doing and discussing every new Baba book that was published. My appointments were a chance to refresh my spirit as he worked on rebalancing my body.

    Jai Baba, Robert. I know you flew into the Beloved’s open arms like a phoenix on fire with the love of God.

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