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Roger “Raja” Robinson

Roger Robinson

April 16, 1950 – January 21, 2013


Lover of Meher Baba, sublime musician/singer/songwriter, beloved partner of Jon Butler, graduate of the University of Rhode Island . . . Raja passed away on Monday morning, Jan. 21, 2013, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Roger’s CDs are titled Cherish the Present and Isn’t It Wonderful.



Roger described himself on Facebook thus:

Arrived in this body in 1950 in Brooklyn, NY, have travelled worldwide and fell in love with the Avatar, Meher Baba, externally in 1969 after being contacted by Him in 1956 internally.

I am a songwriter and poet, live with my life partner, Jon Butler, am quite disabled physically as a result of 2 broken hips, but remain happy in Baba’s Love. Relearning to walk with a walker.

I compose lovesongs to Baba for His enjoyment and the enjoyment and nurturing of the hearts of His Lovers. We have a doggie named Gracie and she’s our little girl of 75 lbs. We enjoy being connected through God, Meher Baba and through Sufism Reoriented.

I have recently changed my first name to Raja.

 One of Raja’s last posts to Facebook, on January 1, 2013, reads:

 Seems there ‘s a lot of garbage of FB. I rarely open it anymore. It’s all ego, ego, ego. Anyone remember why we’re here? His name is Meher Baba. His job is to help us disintegrate our lower selves, like those so prevalent on FB. What’s the use of a social network anyway, ego demonstration!? How about spiritual progress and joy at being in Him? C’mon, folks, we’re better than this.

Indeed, Raja. And so are you!







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10 Responses to Roger “Raja” Robinson

  • Raja burned brightly for Him, what more need Be said. Jai Meher Baba and happy trails mate. Dave fr Oz.

  • Dearest Raja or Roger as I knew you.
    I just found out about your passing away today – a month later. And as each small chunk of the day passes, I remember more and more…when we met – in the premie restaurant on 42nd st…hearing you play guitar and sing that first time and being amazed, gobsmacked and swept away and I was in love. So very much wanted to sing with you and you said I must ask BolaJi so I travelled to Florida to ask him! And putting harmonies to your songs and stuff like Ballad of the Chrome Nun – Ah Roger, that was a magical and sometimes torturous part of my life. I remember you saying one time at Shakespeares in Greenwich Village that I couldn’t sing with you that night as I didn’t have the right vibe (or something like that) and it was probably true! And I remember thinking of you as coming from a spiritual place whilst I came from an emotional place! I thought you were closer to God than me!! Singing with you was truly amazing – greatly treasured memories. I somehow found harmonies I’d not consciously think of – they just came!!…and they worked!!
    I remember coming over to your bougainvillea-covered house in Staten Island and singing songs and hanging out. Gentle heaven. Singing at premie gigs and even one big festival with the Rainbow Riders.
    I remember going on that cruise with you – now That’s a story!! the things we got up to and you deciding to get off at one port and travel across the island to meet the ship at the next one!
    I think mostly I remember loving you …. and your smile…and your music.
    Roger you shall Always be in my heart and the dark and empty space that’s aching with your passing I can learn to fill with music from My heart and soul.
    Thank you so very much for being a part of my life.
    Love Teri

  • Isn’t It Wonderful, when I 1st heard your voice I knew you were in deed wonderful.
    I miss you like crazy. All my love hugs and kisses xxx

  • Anyone wishing to contact Roger’s husband Jon Butler can contact me here or on Facebook in a private message and I will send you his address. Jai Baba!

  • Roger was my friend and partner in song. We met in my teens (about 40 years ago) in our earlier spiritual journey before Baba called us to his heart. A beautiful soul who loved animals, God, and music. It has been so many years since I have seen you and Jon. I believe it was when you came to Northern CA during one of Bhau’s visits. We got to sing together for the first time in so many years and it was lovely.
    Rest in Peace Sweet Roger in the arms of Beloved Baba. I will continue to sing our songs.

  • Oh my, Roger was quite a force, kinda larger than life! We met when I was able to give Roger and Jon a ride to Meherana sometime in the 90s. So often those opportunities for friendship arise when someone needs a ride somewhere. By the time we got to Meherana we were fast friends. Roger and Jon were/are both dear people. Bon Voyage, Roger, I know you’ll enjoy this next chapter as much as you enjoyed life here. In His wonderful love, Betty

  • Roger will be greatly missed! I cherish the times I got to spend with Roger and Jon in Myrtle Beach. Those times were always so special. Happy Happy Loving Trails Raja! And darling Jon . . . I send you lots and lots of love. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

  • Roger has always been a special connection thru our Friend and colleague Meher Baba. We shared many stories of our connections with Sufism Reoriented and Baba in General. He has always been such a wonderful inspiration because of who he is. See you again Raja on the next go around on this merry go around of Beloved Baba’s.

  • I’ve known Roger since I was about 4 years old. He was my sister’s 6th grade boyfriend! Even from that young age, I remembered the name “Roger Robinson.” Our family moved away from Bay Ridge shortly after that (not very far, to Flatbush, but far enough that we no longer saw Roger). I re-met Roger when I was in high school. So we had a connection from way back, and best of all were connected to Meher Baba.

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