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Sarah Schall

Sarah Schall 2006

Sarah at Ellora Caves, 2006.(Photo courtesy of Michalene Seiler) 


From the Trust Family Bulletin, 15 June 2015:

Dear Baba Family,

Jai Baba.

In 1995 Baba’s doctor, Goher Irani, asked a visiting pilgrim, Sarah Schall (who happened to have a degree in laboratory work) to become a resident at Meherabad and help her in the lab at Meher Free Dispensary, Meherazad.  Michael McDonald had been working as a lab tech at MFD since l983 but the patient load had increased and the number of lab tests required had skyrocketed. Sarah moved to Meherabad that same year and worked very well alongside Michael in Goher’s lab for many years, as well as in the lab at Meher Health Centre in Arangaon.  Sarah and Mike also developed a deep interest in homeopathy which inspired them to take a UK correspondence course qualifying them as homeopathic doctors.

Sarah was very close to Baba’s dear Katie Irani whose personal care in Katie’s last years she attended to most devotedly and whose memory she lovingly honored through the sharing of videos of Katie and written accounts of her life with Baba.

In August of 2010, Sarah and Michael married, confirming the commitment to each other and to Baba that had already existed for many years.

Dear Sarah returned to her Beloved’s arms on 15th June, 2015 at 2:15 am in ICU at Ruby Hall Hospital in Pune, having suffered from irreversible liver failure.  Her cremation will take place at Meherabad cremation ground at 4 pm this afternoon, 15th June.

We salute you, our dear friend in Baba, for your unceasing care for others, your readiness to render help no matter the inconvenience to yourself and the life you lived wholeheartedly for Him.

You will be missed…

Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai

sarah passed


From Duncan Herkett:

…I would like to offer some insights into Sarah’s compassionate nature, her devotion to Baba, and her faith in prayer, through a few quotes taken from the loving messages she sent me over the last year and a half.

First, I should explain that despite my very limited contact with Sarah since her time spent in the Pacific Northwest many years ago, she repeatedly reached out to me and my family with much loving kindness after learning of the serious illness that had befallen my son, Peter, about two years ago. Most significantly, Sarah kept Peter and his family in her prayers during and after his lengthy hospitalization. Peter’s amazing and unexpected recovery from a 5 month long coma due to a rare and deadly illness of unknown origins was, of course, Baba’s grace, as prayed for by Sarah and many other loving souls.

Here are a few of the inspirational messages that Sarah sent me during me and my family’s trying time:

“Know that our loving prayers continue not only for Peter but also for you and all your family members and his fiancée”

“Mani Irani said a few things that we cherish and live by. One of the things she said is that prayers for others help them. Also, I remember that Katie had a long list of nearly 50 people that she prayed for after Arti in Beloved Baba’s room, year after year. The list might vary, but her steadfastness was absolute.”

“Another thing that has helped me a lot, is the recent realization a year ago, that Mehera had to be a divine descent, because none of the other women mandali had any of her other worldly qualities. And so I started praying to her whenever Maya was troubling me, as she is divine Maya – Baba already knows we are on the train, but Mehera helps with making the journey a bit more manageable, at least for me”

“There is no such thing as retirement over here – you just work till you drop! Yet the Samadhi is a source of inspiration for each of us.”

“One thing I remember often, is a question someone once asked Mother Teresa, “How do you know what is God’s will” and she replied, “It’s simple. It is what happens.” This has helped me get through many a tough moment as a resident living in Meherabad.”

Dear Sarah, may you be radiant with joy in Baba’s eternal presence!

In His love,

Duncan Hurkett




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21 Responses to Sarah Schall

  • Ma douce Sarah, tu es à jamais dans mon coeur.

  • How often when I visited India, Sarah & Mike would help me with some medical complaint and never would accept any payment. She has served her Beloved in each of us very well and I am grateful for having the opportunity to know her. Jai Baba, Dorothy Cassidy

  • I send a loving Jai Baba to you dear Sarah. Beloved Baba brought you Home in His Arms.
    I have the sweet memory of our wonderful laughs together in nurses quarters. Thanks for your life for HIm. Michael, remembering you in prayer to Baba… Jai BAba.

  • Oh Sarah, Since our first meeting at Panchvati Cave when both you and it made such a deep impression and you reminded me that distance means nothing – I have continued to go there each morning in my heart. I thank Baba for bringing us together my darling and for the intimacy with which you greeted me each time we met so that I felt I’d known you all my life. Happy happy trails in His Foreverness of Love

  • My dear friend, Sarah, and fellow Meherabad resident. I was in the States when I heard you had gone to Baba. I was not there to say good-bye to you. I fondly remember the years that you lived in Meherabad, and the sweetness of your marriage to Michael. Michael is my brother in my heart. I want you to know that we of Meherabad will look after him, as I know it will be so difficult for him without you by his side. Love to you dear sister. You are free at last in Beloved Baba’s arms!

  • Jai Meher Baba dear Sarah, thank you for your wonderfully warm, caring friendship. May you rest now in His arms. Our loving thoughts are with you Michael. John and Peta

  • My heart has been touched by dear Sarah’s caring smile
    her company filled with a focus so sublime reaching out to share dearest Katie’s life as an inspirational hymn to hearts Devine. We breakfasted in the dining hall Sarah Michael and I joining Dara and the gang for pancake time. having tea and a talk and now and then a walk how happy I was sharing with Sarah and Michael two twinkling stars
    who devoted their lives to Meher Baba!❤️???????⛄️?In Meher Baba’s Love, Deborah Ash xoxoxoxo

  • Dear Sarah, your sweetness abides here.

  • Dear Sarah, Thank you for being such a sweet and dear soul! I know your soul is soaring now. In Baba’s Love <3

  • Dear, Sarah, your warmth and devotion fill many lovely memories of visits to our Beloved. Thank you. Bon voyage as you fly to the arms of Beloved Baba! Mike, you are in my heart and prayers as well. So very much love to you in HIM.

  • Dear Sarah, I remember you with love. Be well on your journey. Much love to dear Mike.

  • Dear Sarah,you stood tall and elegant with your warm smile and khadi jacket …I will miss you , you called Mike a hermit , your caring and affectionate ways have taken you very early into bbabas arms ..your stories about Katie and Goher will be missed by us all … Love you dear Sarah R.I.P Jai meher baba

  • Jai Meher BABA, Sarah, have a beautiful journey home! Also thank you for your years of selfless service in Meherabad.

  • Sister Sarah, You have won the race this life, we will miss your presence at Meherabad. He wanted you more. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Ji!

  • AMBKJ!! Resting in the Beloved’s arms, at home and at peace.

  • Jai Baba, Mummy Sister Panchavati Cave,

    You were such a stalwart, and I’ll never forget all the work you did in Meherana on the Bridge that Bhau dedicated and what a tremendous help you were cleaning up Bhau’s Chat transcripts.

    How you suffered uncomplainingly in silence at the end. You must have been gravely ill when you and the Dr. of Astral World treated me to lunch in Nagar last March, but I never suspected in the slightes.

    Happy Trails, and please convey my love to Baba, Bhau, Katie, Goher and especially Mother Manonash (Qutub-e-Irshad)/Parvati when you see them.

    With all love in the Beloved,


  • I Am and Mother Mette, We Love you and will miss you Darling Sister Panchavati Cave!

  • She and Michael were the sweetest souls ever! AMBKJ

  • One of the most devoted Baba Lovers I’ve ever met! AMBKJ!!

  • Commissioner sends her love and salute to Sister Panchavati Cave! Thank you for your service, Sarah! <3 <3 <3

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