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Stephen Shev


Stephen Shev (8/17/43 – 9/19/14), shown above (right) with his brother, Jeff,  passed away at age 71. His widow, Nancy, writes:


“Stephen loved Meher Baba so much. He talked about Him all the time and to anyone who would listen. Anything that reminded him about Baba he would pay attention to — poetry, music, stories — and anyone.


“Stephen drew a cartoon strip since he was 15 years old. He told me it was about the spiritual journey of the aspirant. His characters were called Quirbs and they had no clothes, representing their innocence and nakedness before God. He had so much depth, humor and compassion for those on the journey and certainly expressed that in his cartoon strip.


“He also expressed that in the music that he played, always for Baba, he said. When he was younger and played his balalaika in the Russian nightclubs, he told me he always played to Baba in his audience’s hearts even through they may never have heard of Him.


“He was everything to me, my husband, brother, father and friend. He was my best friend and I miss him so much already. I am happy for him, though, and glad he didn’t suffer when he went. Baba took him so gracefully.


“I could go on and on, but I think that is enough for now. Thanks for your loving feelings and thoughts.

In Baba’s Great Love,

Nancy Shev”


And from the Bhau Chat-wallas: “Wise Shev was our dedicated Chat Transcript-walla for so many years — faithfully and quietly collecting the transcripts and sending them out each week.”

Below is an example of a cartoon Stephen drew for Kendra Crossen:


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6 Responses to Stephen Shev

  • It is now July, 2017, and I just read about Steve Shev’s passing away in 2014. I knew sweet Steve in Berkeley in 1968, where I moved from Chapel Hill, NC. I saw Steve many days, at Baba League meetings at UC Berkeley’s Tilden Meditation Room, where he would play his balalaika so beautifully. A played the guitar and sang, so we had music in common, as well as our love for Meher Baba. Steve carried hundreds of Baba cards with him, and passed them out to everyone who would take on! Even on the streets of Berkeley, to hippies, some stoned, Steve would give them a card, that said “Don’t Worry-Be Happy!”, and the person would look at the card, read it, and laugh!
    Steve was a sweet, old soul, very loving, very humble, and wanting to meet someone he could fall in love with, so I’m gld he met Nancy! I have thought of Steve Shev over the past many years, and prayed for him to be happily married and having a good life. Jai Baba, dear Steve! from Melody Dickinson

  • Thank you all for your kind words and warm feelings – they really help.
    In Him,

  • Dear Nancy,
    I just received the news about Baba’s dear Steve. He was a blessing to everyone who knew him. May the Beloved hold you tenderly in His embrace.
    Love, Pris

  • Dear Nancy,
    I was friends with Steven especially in the 1970’s. We both lived near each other in LI, NY and we were both artists. He was always so sweet and kind to me. Loved his art and music!
    All Baba’s Love to you and to Jeff.

  • Nancy…I am so sorry for your loss and glad you take comfort in knowing Baba released Steve and did not make him suffer too much. His love for Meher Baba was so tender and heart felt by all who spent one minute with Steve. I remember his serenades on Mehera’s Verandah in Meherazad and how she loved his mastery of the Balalaika. No doubt Baba has His Eye on Steve and will call him again! (Hope Steve brings his balalaika with him!) Steve had beautiful and compassionate eyes so filled with love for His Master. He always said how fortunate he is that Baba gifted him with you because you are the perfect companion in life for him. Baba bless you as you experience life so differently, and I will pray that Divine Balm is applied from His Hand in heavy measure. I send you love in the Beloved. Jai Meher Baba.

  • He was such a stalwart and wit, and so helpful with the Bhau Chats from the inception.

    I cannot help but feel that Bhau is collecting stellar souls for his next great adventure, whatever that might be.


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