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Bhauji Has Gone Home to Beloved

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Bhau Kalchuri, intimate mandali of Avatar Meher Baba and Chairman of His Trust, passed away Wed., 23 October 2013, 11:17 pm in hospital at Pune. Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!








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5 Responses to Bhauji Has Gone Home to Beloved

  • The night of sweet Bhauji’s final release into Beloved Baba’s Blissful arms, I meekly hoped to honor him in His Love with this remembrance:


    On a night like this
    Showered with His Graces
    His eyes smiling through our Faces
    The most Glorious of Races
    is Won!

    On a night like this
    Seeker becomes Sought
    Then Caught, A Brilliant Blot
    From the Pen of the Friend
    Inking His Treasure Unto the End!

    On a night like this
    When the Angels sing so loudly
    We must awake and see
    What has affected their Songfull Voices So

    On a night like this
    If we become the Moon
    The Stars may truthfully tell all they Know
    Inside the Sparkle of a single tear Falling Into the Sky

    On a night like this
    PERFECT, rarely shining so completely STILL
    Your Obedience has Opened The Rainbow
    And we all stand Witness as
    He Lifts You through the Heavens
    Way beyond where the Bluebirds Fly

    On a night like this
    We look to the Moon, longing for You
    Dearest Bhauji,
    As the Jewel of your Longing
    Is now worn in the Crown of
    The Ancient Beloved One
    Justice has been Done!
    All fools forever wrapped into One!

    On a night like this
    I understand nothing of This Exquisite Nature
    You have left us in the Tidal Wave of His Love
    The Greatest Gift was Given is the Essence
    Of The Perfection of your Longing

    On a night like this
    To purify the GROUND for
    Heaven’s Most Beloved Reflection
    He Becomes ONE with HIM on a night like this
    Jai Ho Dearest Bhauji!

    Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
    Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
    Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

  • Jai Baba, Bhauji & we will meet again while residing within our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba.

  • “Be Music, Night” is a poem written by Kenneth Patchen for his wife and has long been the most loving poem between two people that I know.

    My edits (with a thousand apologies to Mr. Patchen) are interspersed, but I think it fits the man I knew ever so briefly. 

    For Bhau –

    Be music, night,
    That his sleep may now go
    Where angels have their pale tall choirs

    Be a hand, sea,
    That his restful dreams may now watch from above
    Thy guidesman touching the green flesh of the world

    Be a voice, sky,
    That the stories of his love may now be counted   
    And the stars will tilt their quiet faces   
    Into the mirror of that love

    Be a road, earth,
    That his new journey will gently lead him to the far horizon and the far shore
    Where the towns of heaven lift their breathing spires

    O be a world and a throne, God,
    That his living has finally found its weather
    And the souls of ancient bells in a child’s book   
    Shall lead him into Thy wondrous house

  • O Bhauji, your service and devotion to Baba will forever light the path of Love. May the tears we now shed bear witness to the beautiful life you led. We love and miss you dear Bhauji (you were so cute), and we rejoice in your freedom! Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

    An Ode to Bhauji

    We salute the great work you’ve done and the race you’ve nearly won.
    His eternal glory is reflected in the setting of your sun.
    You played your John to Baba’s Jesus, your Hanuman to His Ram.
    You are a slave-drop moving to the motion of His Ocean calm.
    You once locked yourself in your room until the twenty-first day,
    But you soon caught Baba’s damaan to escape maya’s play.
    You sacrificed your body to mosquitoes while keeping watch of Him,
    And His harassment of you became His prasad and favorite whim.
    You were simple and sweet, “full of honey,”
    For you wanted only His love and not the world’s money.
    He fed you His fish and blew you kisses,
    As you lived only to further His sacred wishes.
    You work for Him until you can’t work anymore,
    Showing us the path that leads to God’s door.
    Baba said He loved you second to Mehera for your obedience.
    May infinite bliss come to you, good sir, with swift expedience!
    All praise is due unto you, Vir Singh,
    Lion-hearted in your service to our Lord and King!

    © 2013. Most of the facts stated in the poem are taken from Growing Up with God,
    by Sheela Kalchuri Fenster and David Fenster.

    • Thank you for saying it so well. Bhau really gave his everything to Baba and to all His Lovers. I know Bhau is having a very happy reunion with The Friend. We will all miss his sweet and humorous ways. Jai Avatar Maher Baba.

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