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BUDDY BROWN (d. April 9, 2013)

By Kate Brown

Buddy was a musical dog. He lived in a club, live music venue. It was actually a dark, lonely warehouse.  When I first met Buddy it was love at first sight. I was playing some gigs at this club with a band at the time. Buddy seemed to be neglected … terribly overweight, and fleas all over him.  I instantly fell in love with him … “love at first sight.”  Buddy sat on the coach with me in the club and I knew I must inquire about this dog.

Luck and fate … the owner of the club had to travel out of the country and asked if I could dog-sit … Of course … and so I did and it became permanent.  I adopted Buddy in 2005, got him back in shape, nurtured him, babied him, loved him—and of course bathed him. He did not like the hose outside … but loved a bath inside. He stepped right into the tub and rarely cried—he grew to realize he felt better after the bath and the stress was well worth it.

 He was already about 6 years old then … never had front teeth on the top or bottom. He had already had 5 different owners. He was always sweet as can be … and may have been shuffled around from owner to owner because of his extreme size.

Buddy was extra large … the gentle giant I called him. A mix of husky, German shepherd, malamute, and perhaps wolf … who knows.  The vet could never tell.  Calm, gentle natured….rarely barked….liked to howl and talk. Extremely noble and proper….never licked to kiss anyone, but loved lots of hugs and people around. A dog that never smelled…never had bad breath … these are more traits of a wolf I believe.

I teach music lessons for a living, so Buddy was always surrounded by people and music. He has listened to every kind of music from rock to opera … in fact, lots of opera. He was the bouncer at the door….always greeting everyone.

Buddy loved car rides … he didn’t care for the ocean … he did swim in a lake and thought that was a lot of work…..he didn’t care for the dog parks … but he had doggy friends … he even had a cat friend Boo Boo for a time.  (My old cat who sadly went astray two years ago.)

Buddy’s best doggy friend is Patrick. Patty and Buddy were two chums grinning ear to ear whenever they saw each other … Buddy would suddenly be a puppy again when he was with Patrick. They really had a rare bond.

Buddy spent a lot of time in the recording studio with me making CDs. He can even be heard on my last CD Mrs. Shakespeare’s Rainbow … I think in the poem track the sonnet … Buddy shook his collar and you can hear his bell.  (he wore a bell on his neck like a cow)  He was nearly the size of a calf … weighing 100 lbs and huge rib cage.

Buddy loved to eat … especially bones of course, and oatmeal and asparagus. 

A year ago Buddy and I were walking down the street, Buddy was on a leash … and we were charged by a loose pit bull … poor Buddy was attacked and it was the most horrific thing ever. For five minutes the pit bull had Buddy in his jaws … Buddy was torn up and didn’t fight back. He layed crying and I cried and screamed … finally neighbors came out, and we managed to pull the dog off … and get Buddy to the vet. The police came and the pit bull was quarantined and moved to the country … a huge court case and months of recovery time.

Buddy had 48 stitches … by the grace of God and the angels of animals … Buddy was spared. This was the most difficult time of Buddy’s life I’m sure … since that time I rarely walked him … not trusting any dog, and what could happen. With a huge yard … I had the yard fenced in and just let Buddy retire to the pasture so to speak.

Five months ago I got a new puppy … a little Jack Russell named Pippy. Pippy and Buddy became fast friends … Pippy more like a little sister.  This took some of my attention off Buddy, but has helped me to be prepared for what was coming.

Buddy … by this time around 15 years old … had developed hip dysplasia … and neuralgia … the vet believed partly due to the pit bull attack.  (and as I’ve heard we still have 3 pit bulls in our neighborhood … I advise everyone to walk with some means of protection.)

For the past year Buddy would fall a lot up and down stairs  … getting up etc….he had some incontinence off and on … often wet his bed at night…..  He was fine until last Friday… I came home from the studio that evening and when Buddy got up to greet me  … he fell down … and could not get up. I helped him up and this was the beginning of the end … so abruptly.

He went to the vet Saturday morning….spent all night crawling  … ,bloody elbows … the vet took an X-Ray  … with the decision that Prednisone was the choice to see if it could help … or put him down.  We had to carry him into the vet, and carry him out.  The prednisone may have helped some but I was still having to carry him around out to bathroom, etc … 100 lbs. He cried and his pride was so effected you could tell he wanted to please me and was sad that he could not. After torment you come to the decision the best answer is to end their suffering.

The vet came to the house to put Buddy down….I wanted him to die at home and be buried at home.  So for the weekend we processed what had to be done….Buddy had visitors come and say goodbye to him…..a very sad decision to say goodbye to your best friend and son.  A dog so human  … so gentle and loving, a dog who loved everyone, and everyone loved him.

Buddy died instantly April 9, 2013, Tuesday morning around 9:35 am. I wanted to wait to bury his body a few hours like the Indian way, but friends arrived and I had to take advantage of the help at hand.

Doug Hare, Vanessa Connor and myself wrapped Buddy in a beautiful flower sheet, and lowered him into his cavern in the ground. A place where Buddy had been laying all the weekend … seeming to say to me  … “this is where I want to be, and it is time.”

Two other friends had come the day before to dig a hole 5 feet deep … sprinkled with lyme to cut odor.

We said prayers of Meher Baba and Saint Francis of Assisi … Buddy is covered in a flowers and a picture of Baba and a picture of me and Buddy. I have the same pictures on my kitchen table. He is also covered in a scarf from India that I tore in half. Buddy has half on him and I have the other half around my neck now. I cut some of his hair to save in an envelope.

I felt like laying in the hole with him. it is so very hard.  I know he is in a better place and I know he is out of pain now  … no more suffering.  I prayed for him in the Lagoon Cabin at the Baba Center… and pray for him to be happy.  I thank God for having such a loving soul in my life … it was an honor to love Buddy and be with him.  I hope my new puppy (Pippy) will remember him and have picked up some of his good habits and nature.

Flowers from the tree above the burial site sprinkled into the hole on Buddy’s body and it was very loving to see.

Here in this yard we spend a lot of time together.

 “Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!” we said.  Amen to Buddy.




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2 Responses to BUDDY BROWN THE DOG

  • ‘i felt like lying in the hole with him, it is so very hard’ – oh, i so relate to that. But we must always remind ourselves that our love and our heartfelt grief is never ever wasted. May Buddy Brown find a wonderful, fresh life moving onward into His Almighty Master’s arms.

  • So sweet! I love all the flowers and your touching story.



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