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Ralph Hernandez


Our dear Ralph passed this morning (May 30, 2013) in his sleep at home in North Myrtle Beach, SC. He is survived by his wife Stella and their children and grandchildren. Details to come.

For an article on Ralph and Stella, see the Google site Kendra Crossen Writes.







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13 Responses to Ralph Hernandez

  • Ralph’s transition is surely a loss to Stella and us and a gain for him…..Why do I think that Beloved Baba is almost immediately reassigning this wonderful soul to a new birth….?….because Ralph’s was a dedication that bespoke true humility, an example for us all. All the times I went to Myrtle Beach, I saw no one ever uncomfortable in his company, no one ever treated with disrespect and never a feeling from him that his long and close history with Baba set him above other lovers.
    Bravo Ralph….for a life very, very well lived !
    Jai Baba!

  • Ralph once shared with me that when he had been able to walk, he would often travel paths at the Center in order to pick up branches and twigs to clear the paths. He did this behind the scenes. This practice was probably one of many that he quietly did for his Beloved Baba’s Home in the West. What a dear heart.

  • Jai Baba Dear Stella,

    There’s no doubt that your sweet Ralph was stepping right into his Beloved Baba’s embrace
    as he slept peacefully. What a lovely dream Ralph surely was having when Baba opened His
    arms forever.

    We will all miss this beautiful man, but none of us as much as you. Thank you, Stella, for being
    Ralph’s dear mate and friend all these years, and for sharing your love as Baba’s dear couple
    with all of us.

  • Ralph and Stella the BABA blessed example of His messages about married life . Remembrances of Ralph coming to Miami in the mid sixties were always a topic when we got together and my last time with Ralph was no exception where Ralph went on and on about Adi being hosted at the Hoffman’s . As Ralph would say “ah BABA’s last sigh – what to do, what to do” .

  • John and I had the good fortune on two occasions to drive Ralph down to Tampa and back from Myrtle Beach, once when Rustom and Sohrab were there and once to see Bhau. Ralph surprised us each time and packed a picnic basket filled with the most delicious things to eat and drink that Ralph knew we would enjoy…which we certainly did! We had such fun and spoke of the next time we would go again, hoping that dear Stella could go along as well. Ralph always looked so delighted whenever he saw us, and made me feel truly loved, and he never let us forget the Beautiful time we had together. In the past year, I had the good fortune to be asked on the spur of the moment by someone to prepare a meal for Ralph and Stella, and because of that, John and I had the opportunity to see Ralph at home once more, looking so filled with Baba, and so loving, even in a time of his physical suffering….looking like the true Baba-man and Baba Gentleman, he was. We were just thinking of Ralph in the past two days and how we always meant to invite them over, to see that DVD he always asked about of John’s silly skits that he wanted to see again and again. I remember too the days gone by of seeing Adi K. Irani at their home, and Bhau, and Delia….such a life for their Beloved, Ralph and Stella have lived and shared with us all. JAI BABA Ralph!

  • To: Stella Hernandez
    By email: c/o link http://www.love-remembrances.com/mandali/ralph-hernandez/#comment-1141
    Cc: Kecha Kashouty
    Date: Friday, 31 May 2013
    Subject: Dear Ralph…the secret of life

    Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

    My dearest Mother Sister Stella,

    I received the news that your dear husband Ralph has gone to Baba on 30 May at home, and that you and his family were there with him at home at the time of his passing.

    It is good news to me. For the world, it is very bad news, but for me, it is good.
    Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Jai kar Ho yours in the Known and Unknown World, Jai Ho! I am neither happy nor unhappy when I heard this news.

    You will think, my Mother Sister, that I am very, very cruel, saying, “People shed tears and you laugh!?”

    I will say, “You are my children. You will not understand this secret. It has the secret of life. It is good that he died.”

    Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Jai Jai kar Ho, my dearest Sister Mother Stella, and all dear ones of the family, Jai Ho!

    With all love and Jai Baba to you, my dearest Sister Mother Stella, and all dear ones of the family,

    In His Love and Service,


  • Ralph was such a wonderful man with great and inspiring stories of his and Stella’s life with Baba and his total commitment to the Lord. I know Stella and the family, Baba family, Lovers of God and guest visiting the Center will miss him dearly, as will I personally. Go make yourself comfortable, Ralph, sitting at the feet of the Beloved!

  • Ralph was a man I always looked forward to seeing
    He would beam with genuine delight in our interactions
    I will miss his hugs and sincerity
    My heart felt condolence to his beautiful family
    His love for Meher Baba inspired me I will miss him

  • Despite his physical ailments and frailty, I was SO impressed with the level of engagement (at the heart) that Ralph maintained in recent years. He was always a good model of service to the Beloved for me. Happy trails friend…!

  • He was such a sweet and gentle man, and they were such a wonderful couple. I always felt such a sense of relief when I reached the office and he was checking me in at the Gateway, as if all the sturm and drang of the bogus world had been left behind.

  • Ralph and Stella are two of the wonderful stalwarts of the Meher Center. They have always been there for all of us, welcoming us with love and food and best of all, stories of their blessed contact with Beloved Meher Baba. Ralph always greeted on e with a loving smile on an ever-handsome face, a reminder of where that sweetness emanated from.
    We will never forget you Ralph. Thank you for all you have given us.

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